Can We Talk? Paperback

Can We Talk? Paperback

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‘Text messages, email, voicemail and social media are no substitutes for saying, “Can we talk?” and meeting face to face. It’s time to have some important conversations and build connections with the special people in your life.’

Watto says we’ve learned to fear having face-to-face conversations, and it’s time to change that.

In CAN WE TALK? one of Australia’s best communicators tells how to build robust connections - with our partners and families, at work, and in sporting teams. His brand of safe, non-judgemental, non-manipulative communication leads to stronger relationships, better business deals, and greater joy.

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Have you ever stopped long enough to think, “Who am I?”

  • Are you comfortable being different from others? To the point of being a bit quirky?

  • Can you laugh at yourself – I mean REALLY laugh at yourself?

  • How do you cope when someone has a different opinion from yours? Do you shut down?

  • Can we talk - and get this sorted out for you, for good?

It can be easy to confuse personality with character. Character is a vital part of who you are. It’s developed from things you’ve learned. It’s affected by people you do life with, and the choices you’ve made, and chances you’ve taken. It’s influenced by your family background, your upbringing, and many more things that you take into your being. It makes up the essential YOU. My dad, favourite footy coaches, uncles, schoolteachers and a neighbour with no children of his own, but who was really interested in my wellbeing, all added to my character development. The difference between personality and character is that personality is what you are born with, the ‘face’ that everyone sees day in and day out. Character is the deep you – your core being, your spine, your integrity, your foundation. Since acknowledging the spiritual part of who I am, God – as my Father - has been the main source of my character development. His Son, Jesus - the Bloke - has been helping me make right choices. You might wonder how that could work. Can we talk? - and I’ll show you how it worked for me!