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Safe conversations

Safe conversations

Safe conversations with a mate

One of my closest mates and I have been practising being safe in conversations, usually with heat and tension, for over 50 years. We’ve proven time and again that we never go past the safe place, because our mateship is the most important thing we want to maintain at all times.

Our differences of opinion regarding politics and footy teams open up our world to see a bigger and brighter future. We learn plenty from each other.

It’s not often that people change their core beliefs – but we can certainly see the big picture with what we learn from each other if we both can listen. 

…and safe conversations with the woman of your dreams!

Good news mate. Margaret and I get on like a Rolls Royce in cruise control overdrive, and it can work for you just the same. You’ve just gotta wanna!

A long time ago we had inside jobs (without stitches) done on our hearts so that they could be open and free, and that made all the difference to us. This can work for you too. Just go straight to the top and have a serious talk to the Big Fella.

Champions, it’s pretty likely in the normal course of your love relationship that there will be at least one serious blow-up in conversation – but hopefully not too many more blow-ups in the future.

Let’s nail this so that is doesn’t happen again. No-one sets out to fall out in conversation with their loved one.

The main destroyer of love conversations is how we argue. We can’t talk fairly! Mud-slinging, insults and criticism or the silent treatment towards each other can take over.

This can be soul-destroying. It can send us towards anxiety, depression, loneliness, disturbed sleep and many other body, mind and spirit illnesses.

Fellas, this doesn’t need to happen. We need to ensure our love conversations with the girl of our dreams build love to great and strong love. We’ll show you along the way how to deal with our emotions for the better, ’cause the last thing we want is a fall-out with our lover. We want to get it going better.

And how vital is it that we teach our children to have a chat so they don’t grow up feeling like idiots or secondclass? I reckon this has been a greatly neglected area in the past but hopefully things are changing. I have the pleasure of watching our sons and their wives communicate as loving parents with our grandchildren. I’ve seen and heard how they speak with their children at their different ages and stages, teaching them how to express their opinions and so learning how to get and keep the communication going in their families.

Let the music come out of you

Let the music come out of you

Learning to play conversation tennis

Learning to play conversation tennis