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Sex - Love - Lust

Sex - Love - Lust

Sex is good! What has been given to man and woman for the best has been turned around for lots of people by the media and our society. They’ve made hard work of something given to us as an absolute natural.

How’s it going for you?

As I see myself in the last quarter of the journey on earth, I reckon I’m entitled to talk a little on sex – the real-deal stuff between a man and a woman who love each other. You know what I mean: the intimacy part, married under the Creator’s way. It’s the most desired thing for man in relationship to woman, so the earth would always have people. The Big Fella made sex good!

I’ve done the journey myself and I know blokes who have also had their view of sex messed-up, right through to sexual addictions and abuse. Generally, they don’t want to stay there – they want love! I have seen that if they want to, they can be healed from any of the past sexual crap in their lives, and get on with being able to love and be loved.

I can only report it as I’ve seen it, experienced some parts of it, and heard most of the other bits. I reckon my wife Margaret and I have really experienced the real-deal sex that our Creator meant for us to enjoy.

Like every other little treasure, it didn’t just happen. You’ve got to discover it. No pain, no gain, but the victory is sweeter for the effort.

Love isn’t lust. I had to be taken through the journey to discover that love was not lust. What I picked up as a boy going into manhood and thought was love was actually lust. I don’t think I’d be Robinson Crusoe in this.

Have you come to a point of knowing the difference between love and lust? Where do you want to be in 5 years in this regard? What about 10 years? Do you want to know what true love is?

God made women so beautiful, so everything. Right from boyhood, a man is chasing a girl. When we have a narrowminded view of what chasing a girl means, we don’t see the real-deal. If we’re not taught about love early in our lives, then our attraction to females can be just visual and all about what a man wants, driven by the within-drive.

Our society doesn’t seem to know what real love is any more. We allow suggestive comments and scenes representing sexual intercourse all over our television, and we generally don’t see sex as sacred. 

However, I had a couple of great mentors to help me discover the absolute gem of my life: love, not lust. I had two couples who showed me by their actions to each other that true love was spiritual and came deep from within, and gave them amazing connection. 

There’s lots more to the story. I hope I can encourage you to source this through to the champion’s way. Have you got any great examples of love around you to learn from?

Lust sees a woman as something to be used; love wants the very best for her. The spiritual connection in love by far makes up for anything we might get from the lust.

I’ve met many men and boys throughout my life, and the bottom-line wish of men is to love a woman and be loved by a woman. No, I don’t mean lust a woman and be lusted by a woman. He wants love! I mean for the whole of a bloke’s life.

Why are so many blokes love-starved? And why has this been made so hard by the world around us?

A lot of the journey of sex is again all about choices. Choices you make not the chances you take determine your destiny.

Lust takes and hinders a good lifelong love relationship. Lust doesn’t inject life into love.

When I worked in an office, there were always blokes who brought porn to work and passed it around. They’d just throw it on your desk. Porn doesn’t help us. It only helps the people who make it. There’s a very minor group of people who make lots and lots of money out of exploiting something that supposedly thinks it’s satisfying man. It doesn’t take us to the point where we get what we’re really seeking in our hearts.

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