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Learning to Play Conversation Tennis - With Watto

If you’ve played tennis, you know what it means to have a good rally back and forwards over the net. We can liken this to good conversation, because we want the communication to keep going – just like a tennis rally. We may have a few shots or hard words and are not afraid to lob one up in the air occasionally, but if we trust each other we don’t want to play any shifty shots against the other person and knock them out of the conversation.

Book Launch - Can We Talk?

"I hope my dream for you comes true, and that after you’ve found the treasure in “Can we talk?”, you’ll become an outstanding listener your friends and family will love and admire. You’ll be able to let out the magic and quirkiness of your personality, and enjoy being the real you with those around you, connecting and communicating."

"Asking “Can we talk?” opens up hearts, honesty, freedom and the ability for people to accept themselves as perfectly OK and brave enough to say, “I don’t know” and “Can you put it another way, please?” Once the barriers of mistrust and lack of confidence have been smashed, we’re able to begin lifetime friendships and business success has been assured."