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Champions stand for something

Champions stand for something Who or what am I trying to please? The real-deal you becomes satisfied as you pursue a right life. We begin to cruise and those around us will appreciate us for who we are, and they will comment about our ‘presence’. What is our security in the walk of a champion? Where or what is it? Are we trying to compete with someone or something? What and who do we stand for? Why do we do what we do? These answers we uncovered to give us freedom, and now we can encourage those around us in all areas of their life.

Half the story

Half the story I don’t think men have got the full story about God, and the relationship of God and Jesus, so we’re making a decision on only half the facts. You don’t have to do it my way, but I want to give you the opportunity to have a look at this before you make your own choice. Fellas, remember that when we hear something new and unfamiliar often there will be ridicule and rejection within us before acceptance. We’ve been conditioned and taught not to trust. We think someone’s trying to take advantage of us. But don’t let other people decide for you. Make up your own mind.