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What about you, champion?

What about you, champion? Blokes, contrary to what society has trained in us, imposed upon us, or passed down to us such as, ‘toughen up princess’, or ‘take a spoonful of cement and toughen up’, or ‘big boys don’t cry’, it’s OK to have a red-hot look at your heart and see what hurts are in there.

Champions learn to love themselves

Champions learn to love themselves Champion, do you love YOURSELF? It’s a bit hard to love someone else if you’re always bashing yourself or putting yourself down. In my earlier years I probably had the other problem: I loved myself too much. Well, that’s what I was constantly told. ‘Ian, you love yourself, you’re up yourself.’ The Big Fella loves us and he wants us to love ourselves. Take care if you are bashing yourself with thoughts of negative self-esteem or even worse, self-hatred. If you see yourself as inadequate or inferior it’s time you stopped believing the lie.