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Howdy, champion!

Howdy, champion! How’s your journey? Are you cruising along, or in a battle? Are you on cruise control, or had to drop down a gear to tackle a bit of heavy going?

Champions are turbocharged by a word

A great promise from the Bible is: ‘Christ gives me the strength to face anything’ (Philippians 4:13). I, Watto, champion son of the King, can do all things through Jesus the bloke who gives me the spine to do them. If you belong to the Big Fella, you can say that too, with your name in the space. How good is that?

The difference a dream makes

The difference a dream makes Have you ever been to another country where the pollution is so bad that the sky is always grey? The sky and the countryside and the buildings and even the people look grey. People who live there don’t know what it’s like to have a clear blue sky – the brightness and the light and the colours. They don’t know there’s anything else to see!