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Beware, love isn’t lust and lust isn’t love

Beware, love isn’t lust and lust isn’t love - We soon discover that real-deal love is a lot more than jumping into bed with someone. It might look the way to go in the movies, but it could turn your life into a nightmare from a sexually transmitted infection or worse! Lust can end up like a Weapon of Mass Destruction. The way love is portrayed in our culture through books, TV shows, movies and sex shops to name a few, can be seen as yet another weapon of mass destruction. The high number of broken relationships is enough evidence that we’re off track. Lust eventually kills ya on the inside but real love flies you to the moon forever.

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Have you discovered internet porn – and is it sucking the guts out of your life? Do the blokes at your work bring porn to the office or the job site? Are you plagued by guilt and shame about things that happened in the past? Do you just want to love a woman and be loved by a woman? Fellas, we can clean out the past and become the real-deal! Don’t miss this one!