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Giving and Learning to Receive

Learning to receive When I resigned from the comforts of my office job and was awaiting the settlement of buying my first truck, things came to a thud one day. I needed a quick $3,000 cash to take me over this month of transition. I had no job and no income so I had no credit rating, even though we owned our family home. How humbling. No cashflow. That dented my ego. I mentioned it in front of a young plumber mate, not thinking for one moment that he would be able to help me out of my dilemma. Something happened I could never forget. My friend had a chat to his wife and they came to our rescue. They produced the $3,000 cash and gave it to me without condition other than love. This was a huge moment in my life.

Outgiving the Giver

Outgiving the Giver For most men, when we think of giving, most likely we first think of money – the dosh, the doh ray me. The cash! Well, what if you haven’t got much or any money? You’ve probably heard the saying that God loves a cheerful giver. Are you cut out of that? Definitely not! But if we haven’t got it, how can we give it? We can sort that out. Give the other things that are usually worth more than silver and gold.