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Knowing who to trust

Knowing who to trust I remember my mother and grandmother singing around the house: ‘Trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, than to trust and obey.’ I never forgot it, but I also never stopped long enough to really take in what they were singing. When they went out of my life, I still remembered the song, but I never got anyone to show me what to do with this thing that had an impression on me. I let the world develop my understanding of trust and, wow, how wrong that was. Because I hadn’t been taught to trust with all my heart, I was left to determine trust in my head. I didn’t see the logic in trusting in the Big Fella. I couldn’t see, touch and hear him so how could I possibly put all my trust in him? I wasn’t even sure he was for real for a lot of my early life.

Life starts with trust

Life starts with trust We do things every day that require trust. Think of how you have to trust that your brakes work in your car when you apply the pedal. You trust in the pilot when you buckle up for your plane flight. A visually impaired person has to trust their guide dog or their walking cane.